UH Library Warehouse

The warehouse is one of the oldest buildings lawlibrary.jpgon the University of Houston campus, having been classrooms for the original Rice School of Letters when it was founded in 1911. Portions of the warehouse served as the library when Rice became UH in 1927 but it was converted completely to media and physical storage by the 50s.

clime_control.jpgThe warehouse’s unusual construction materials as well as its location at the intersection of several lay lines, makes it an easily defended position from magical influence. Hadden Industries took over refurbishing and maintaining the media storage facility after a hefty donation (secretly made by Hadden Industries) made possible the upgrades in the early 90s.

These upgrades include an EM shielded digital media room, a section of climate controlled shelves for more delicate older paper materials, a state of the art security system, and, of course, potent magical wards. In fact, the security of the warehouse is so vaunted, Hadden Industries offers storage space to our clients, like magical safety deposit boxes.


  • One of the greatest magical archives in the world.
  • Powered by ley lines.
  • Neutral ground no one dare violate.

UH Library Warehouse

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