Department 3

From the earliest times there have been those that saw more, knew first or understood deeper than their fellow man. In some centuries they were hailed as prophets. In others they were burned as witches. Nowadays they get dissected. Not many people have these (often) kids’ best interests at heart. Researchers looking to make a name off of a guinea pig. Cultists that eat the brains of “seers” to gain enlightenment. Rednecks that lynch anything they don’t understand.

More of them are appearing every year. These beings may well be the next step in human evolution. So we think it best to have them indebted to us now. And if you get to trash some rednecks and cultists along the way, all the better.

Headquarters: The Scientology Center, Austin, Texas
Department Head: Britney Newberry
Research and Development: Peter Cawson
Archivist: TIM

Awakened Anyone with a P-Rating of 2 or better, a non-Sleeper.
Break Out The initial onset of psychic ability. The more powerful the abilities, the more traumatic the experience tends to be.
Burn Out A high spike in psychic power followed by a rapid decline of abilities. Most often happening to children immediately after Break Out, it can reduce the Awakened to a Sleeper or even a Closed Mind. Serendipitously, Burn Outs often seem to occur as a response to some issue of the Awakened or his environment.
Church of the Starry Wisdom Recognized in the US as a legitimate religion, the CSW aggressively recruits Sleepers and Awakeneds. Their tactics are typical for a cult (isolation, sleep/nutrition deprivation) but those of the inner circle exhibit fanaticism beyond brainwashing. They recruit in cultural centers where disaffected youth gather but have compounds in rural areas. The most recent and ambitious is “the Farm” in Golan County, TX.
Closed Mind Neither an Awakened nor a Sleeper; a non-psychic with no potential psychic ability.
Id Monster A subconscious personality, usually formed during a traumatic Break Out, that controls the use of the powers until they either Burn Out or the Awakened accepts responsible for the strange occurrences around him. An Id Monster often fights against this acceptance.
Lay Line(s) Lines of psychic force entwining the world. They rarely occur at ground level (often far above or below). But proximity to a Lay Line can fuel psychic powers or cause Break Outs.
Order of the Ecstatic Agony A cult whose horrific practices include eating the brains of Sleepers and Break Outs. Their membership come from all socio-economic and political strata. The only certain sign of a member is a mutilated area on their body from their initiation: carving off a pound of their own flesh.
P(si) Rating – Ranking of psychic ability on a scale of 1-10, P1 being human, non-psychic baseline and P10 being only theoretically possible. The scale is a function of innate power and learned control so an Awakened’s rating can change with age and training.
Sleeper A potential psychic who has not Broken Out. They exhibit vague abilities easily mistaken for intuition, luck or physical prowess. The majority of the mundane world’s “psychics” fall into this category. Past puberty, it is very rare for a Sleeper to Break Out.

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Department 3

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