Department 1

Those who gather intelligence or remove obstacles – property or personnel – for their government are often treated more as assets than heroes. Some states even experiment on their agents, trying to enhance their abilities. Between crumbling superpowers and religious fanatics with black market high-tech weapons, an agent can easily find himself in deep and disavowed. The wrong secret could even set your own government against you.

Don’t worry. We’re not the government. Any government. We can help you. And we don’t care what you know, as long as you can pay us.

Headquarters: Montecito Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Department Head: Michael “Desolation” Jones
Research and Development: Rudy Wells
Archivist: Control

Common Terms

Augment – any person having been altered to have abilities improved beyond (or alien to) the average human being.
Delta Green – A team trained or tasked to deal with Augment targets.
Delta X-rays – (Cold war term) a team of In the Cold operatives, especially when acting against their former employer.
In the Cold – when an employer severs all ties with an operative to prevent any connection being made between the operative, or his actions, and the employer.
Mod(s) – “modifications.” an Augment’s extra-ordinary abilities; any implanted device that provides an Augment with extra-ordinary ability.
Rouge – an operative committing an operation not approved by his employer.
Sleeper – A deep cover operative awaiting a signal to commit a predetermined objective. In this modern age, a Sleeper might not even be aware that they are one. Chemical assisted hypnosis can convince an operative that his cover story is actually true, or force a civilian to commit an act of terrorism.
Spook Show – Any entertainment medium that purposely features fictionalized content of actual people and events, used to discredit potential witnesses (“you saw that in a movie”). The most successful Spook Show has been the James Bond franchise, convincing generations that all spies are model-handsome and drive flashy sports cars.
Unperson – a person whose identity and history is deleted from all mundane records, usually reserved for sequestered scientists and covert branch intelligence administrators – people that never expect to return to any kind of normal life.

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