There is No God

It is a little known fact that there is no god. More to the point, there is no god as the masses understand it on our side of the Shadow. Every single modern occurrence of angels or demons encountered in the history of the company or within the records we have access to, show distinct signs, if not quantifiable proof, that these beings are actually powerful Shadow Born spirits. Many such Shadow Born believe themselves to be the mythical creature they resemble due to the emotional input that brought them into being.

Demons are often born from areas of prolonged torment or anguish, such as multi-generational abusive family homes, mental hospitals and certain urban areas where illicit activities systematically destroy innocence. Angels are more often born suddenly of epiphanies of a religious (not necessarily good) nature. Most regularly, the death or ascension of a pope, but some very strict enforcers of peripheral church doctrine are known to have come from Torquemada’s personal interrogations. One still roams the fields of Jonestown, Gayana. One operates in the Gulf coast area that was born from the fires of Waco.

There well might be a god on the other side of the Shadow but so little comes from there as to make him inconsequential compared to the gods that are here. These are Shadow Born that have grown so powerful they can grant some of their power to those in the real world that appease them. Not by prays or invocations – such trappings just put the worshiper in the right psychic resonance to draw the god’s attention. The only thing these creatures want is sacrifice, the more intelligent and innocent the better. The worst known one resides in the Shadow of South America, feeding on the death of the rain forest. It is actually eating the planet.

Just remember, these beings probably believe they are gods because their worshipers believe they are gods, just like the angels and demons believe they are what they say they are because people believe it. So, just as there might be a Christian god beyond the Shadow sending some imperceptible influence across to us, there might also be real blood cult gods beyond the Shadow, wanting to eat the world.

So there is the choice. Believe in nothing except the horror that invisibly surrounds us. Or believe in god’s connection to us, and by default, accept that limitless horrors beyond the Shadow also share that connection.

There is No God

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