Psychic Powers

Those that claim to be “psychic” receive vague impressions of places, events and thought. That’s not what we’re talking about. People with Psychic Powers- called the Awakened – have abilities they knowingly manifest and consciously control… for the most part.

To be an Awakened requires the sacrifice of a point of Refresh, one of your five aspects must grant narrative permission for you to do so (ie, “World’s most powerful psychic debutante” or “Sight beyond sight”) and you must have at least 1 level in Will. Will is the skill that is used to resolve psychic challenges and contests.

All the Awakened can manifest psychic powers in 3 ways: ESP, telepathy and telekinesis. Awakened are usually stronger in 1 manifestation than the others. Chose 1 manifestation as your primary, another as your secondary. The last is your tertiary. You receive your full Will check to any rolls using your primary manifestation. Rolls for your secondary are made at a – 1. Rolls for your tertiary are made at a – 2.

Unless allowed by a stunt, you cannot manifest a power while manifesting or concentrating to continue another power.


Extra-sensory Perception brings you information about the world around you that transcends normal senses, distance and even time.

ESP Actions
OvercomeESP can overcome obstacles a normal human’s senses simply couldn’t. No normal human can see through a wall without technological assistance, but a psychic can. ESP can only extend your senses in one particular way at a time. If you are remotely viewing a location, you cannot also hear and smell that place.

However, ESP is not a catch-all replacement for perception. Once viewing a location, you must still roll Notice or Investigate to pinpoint facts about the scene.

Create AdvantageESP can create a variety of advantages. The ability to sense possible ambushes or scout a location remotely can set up wide-ranging aspects.

AttackESP cannot be used to attack.

DefendESP can defend against attempts to create an advantage by affecting the senses, such as technological or psychic illusions, sensory overload, or concealment like smoke or white noise.

ESP Stunts
Aura Reading – You perceive energy fields around conscious beings that fluctuate with mood. You can use ESP in place of Empathy or Telepathy to get a read on someone’s emotional state.

Poltergeist – When remotely viewing a location, you may manifest your telekinesis in that location.


Literal mind over matter, this is the ability to imbue an object with enough kinetic energy to cause it to move.

Telekinesis Actions
Overcome – Telekinesis can attempt to overcome any kind of physical obstacle by moving it or bashing it down.

Create Advantage – A very broad ability, Telekinesis can be used to Create Advantages having to do with the moving of objects or people.

Attack – You can attack anyone you can see within two zones by either throwing something at them, or slamming them directly with pure kinetic force.

Defend – Telekinesis can defend against physical attacks, including firearms.

Telekinetic Stunts
Energy Disruption – By spending a Fate point, you can use telekinesis to move all forms of electromagnetic energy (light, heat, electricity, etc.). Your control over this medium is not finite enough to effectively attack with it, but gathering all a local energy into one place or pushing it out of an area can Create some interesting Advantages.

Sonokinesis – You have mastered using your telekinesis to subtly vibrate the air in order to create or mimic any sound. You gain a +2 to Create Advantage when using sound.

Mind Bullets – You can focus air and microscopic particulates into a tight linear attack as fast and penetrating as a gunshot. When doing so, you may use Shoot instead of Will to attack.


Telepathy is the ability to sense another being’s thoughts, read their emotions, and otherwise receive signals from their mind. Certain obstructions such as distance (more than 3 zones), lead shielding, and running water are known to increase the difficulty of manifesting this power. .

Telepathy Actions
Overcome – You can use Telepathy in the same ways you could use the Empathy skill. In combination with the mundane skill of Rapport, it enables efficient interrogation. The base difficulty for gleaning surface thoughts from a non-Awakened who is unaware his mind is being read is his Will score.

Create Advantage – Reading someone’s thoughts can take the form of an aspect representing the information you gained or even the surprise you instill in your foe by knowing it. This can give you an advantage in many situations.

Attack – You cannot use telepathy to attack.

Defend – Telepathy can be used to actively defend against others reading your mind as well as against attempts to use Deceive.

Telepathy Stunts
Communication Hub – You can maintain telepathic communication with multiple willing targets simultaneously, allowing all of them to freely communicate with each other. The number of members in your group (besides yourself) cannot exceed your Will. Members who also have telepathy do not count against your limit.

Ghost in the Machine – You can interface with a computer without having to touch it. Once your Telepathy roll succeeds, you must then use the appropriate mundane skill to manipulate the device (Lore for general searches and use; Crafts for programming, Burglary for hacking). You can affect any computer you can see within two zones.

Jedi Mind Trick – By spending a Fate point and succeeding in a Will contest, you can convince your opponent that a single, short statement is absolutely true. The statement must be at least possible, even if very unlikely. The opponent believes the statement until shown evidence of its falsehood.

Psychic Powers

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