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Before being asked to join the Field Service team (Department 7), you served a year long internship in one of the other 6 departments. There you learned many strange things and gained certain… abilities.

Pick one of the following departments for your character’s background. All the information on that department’s page is commonly known to you. Then chose one Advantage from your department. This becomes an aspect you can evoke for free once per session.

Department 1: Intelligence Management
Nickname: Conspiracy X
Protocols: spies, super-soldiers, exotic experimental weaponry
Trade Gear – You own one or a set of tools used in burglary and/or espionage, (all) disguised to look like mundane items one would normally find in someone’s pocket (lighter, fountain pen, cell phone, etc.). Their miniaturization and alterations to disguise them makes them one-use items and difficult to maintain.
Deep Throat – You are connected to someone deeply embedded in the shadowy intelligence community. He or she has extensive knowledge of the organizations, operations and personnel presently and formerly in the field. But overuse of this resource could blow his/her cover.
Augmented – An organization you were associated with experimented on you. It was mostly a failure due to the side effects (the GM can compel this aspect once per session as well), but with some great effort, you can demonstrate a brief but powerful superhuman ability.

Department 2: Cryptozoology
Nickname: Bug Hunters
Protocols: cryptids, unidentified species, lost civilizations, secrets of folklore
Esoteric Apparatus – It looks like a steampunk tricorder mated with a stone age laser pistol. You own a gadget that predates human history but, with some cajoling, it can perform a useful function, if in an occult manner.
Off-Grid Laboratory – You know someone that operates a testing laboratory. The person may not know "what’s really going on” but will occasionally analyze samples you bring, no questions asked.
The Juice! – You have learned an ancient formula that cannot be replicated by modern means. The effect is potent but very temporary and there is concern of overdose and possible side effects from overuse.

Department 3: Paranormal Scientific Investigation
Nickname: PSI-OPs
Protocols: psychic abilities, places of power, eastern cults
Psi-Crystal – You own a rechargeable crystal with enough psychic energy to allow you to manifest a single power effect.
Oracle – You know a powerful psychic who can occasionally give you information about persons, places or even upcoming events. He can only see bits and pieces that are not always clear but he is never wrong.
Ohm Dissonance – You know a meditative chant that disrupts psychic concentration, preventing others from effectively manifesting powers.

Department 4: Para-psychological Analysis
Nickname: Shadow Chasers
Protocols: ghosts, demonology, cultists
Reliquary – You have a stylized container holding a tiny portion of the remains of an ancient holy man or powerful medium, that can be used to hold Shadow Born at bay.
Spirit Guide – You know a being “on the other side” who can occasionally give you information about a person(s), place or even upcoming event. Its messages are often cryptically difficult to decipher but they are never wrong.
Stepping Sideways – You can enter the Shadow (a toxic spiritual realm adjacent to our own) for short periods of time.

Department 5: Metaphysical Civics
Nickname: Urban Arcana
Protocols: intelligent non-human terrestrials, mythical beasts, sorcery
Fetish – You own an item with a minor but useful enchantment on it.
Voice from the Underground – You have a Shadowkind informant who is deeply embedded in their secretive culture(s).
Breath of the Shadow – by drawing on the toxic realm of the Shadow, you can create a temporary perceptual barrier that keeps people from seeing what you are actually doing.

Department 6: Xenomorphic Anthropology
Nickname: Dark Matter
Protocols: alien artifacts, alien contact, government cover-ups and conspiracies
Alien Device – You do not know the intended purpose of this inscrutable machine, but you can, with great effort, coax a useful side effect from it.
Conspiracy Theorist – You have an informant who is truly “out there.” His conclusions may be a bit crazy but he is terribly well informed about alien activity on Earth and the institutional human responses to it.
Alien Experimentation – You have been “altered” by aliens while abducted. Their intentions are a mystery but you have been left with both a gift and a curse (this aspect can also be compelled by the GM).


Nickname: Administration

Department 7: Field Services
Nickname: REDACTED

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