Jacob Greene

In 1967, Artemis 2 (the second manned lunar mission) detected an anomaly about half way to the Moon. They altered their return flight to investigate. As Artemis 2 approached the anomaly, the ship disappeared. It reappeared less than a minute later, on course but with no communications. Silently, it dropped onto its planned splash down coordinates.

When the rescue team opened the ship only the dead body of the pilot was found, no sign of the two other crew members. The pilot had no mark on him but his body was completely devoid of calcium; his bones had simply vanished. In his rubbery dead hand he clutched a coil of gold wire that was determined to be a storage medium. It held the formula for a very efficient new rocket fuel.

After that, every Artemis mission was planned with a pass by the anomaly whose position in space had been named Reflex Point. Even after all interest had been lost in Moon shots, the Artemis Project continued, solely to investigate the Reflex Point anomaly. A lot of data was gathered about the anomaly which crewmen described as “a shimmer, like a heat distortion,” but another unexplained event did not occurred until Artemis 7 in 1972. Identically to Artemis 2, it disappeared and reappeared. It tumbled wordlessly back to its exact splashdown point. When the rescue team opened the ship, it was the navigator they found alone this time holding the golden coil; every drop of her blood thinly coating every square inch of the command module. The coil held schematics for our world’s first parallel processing supercomputer.

Artemis 11 (1978) returned to Earth with two crew members burned down to piles of ash, yet the cabin had no heat damage. The mission commander’s head had exploded with enough force to destroy his helmet. Their coil contained very detailed diagrams for building a scanning device, the predecessor of the PET and MRI.

The last mission, Artemis 15, launched in 1985 with pilot Jacob Greene and two other crew members. Unlike the other disappeared ships, no one knows what the rescue crew saw when they opened the ship because none of them survived. They died in a heatless explosion that embedded the hatch a foot into the rescue freighter’s bulkhead. On that aluminum-titanium hatch were crudely indented four words: “I AM JACOB GREENE.”

Since then, there have been numerous sighting of Greene around the world. Few of these can be substantiated. It is interesting to note that at least three intelligence agents who have tracked Greene over the years have met with unusual accidents. The most recent and spectacular being Larry Tanner, NSA field agent, who died at the side of bridge in Scotland; his electric car and him both mangled by what local officials called “a heatless explosion.”

Jacob Greene

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