Example of Ritual Casting

Dr. Laura Tillinghast has tracked the runaway survivor of the last werewolf attack to a seedy motel room well off the high way. The sun will set soon and the moon will rise in less than hour after that, triggering the victim’s first transformation and sealing his fate as a werewolf forever. But for now, she believes she may be able to break the curse.

Breaking such a curse on the eve of its fruition is very hard (difficulty 6). Also, the wall between it and the Shadow is average here, making the difficulty of casting a ritual here a 3. The overall difficulty of the ritual will be 9.

Laura makes a Crafts roll as she draws a Circle of Hermes grid in silver dust chalk on the cheep carpet. The cramped space and uneven ground makes the difficulty of the Craft roll a 2 but Laura is an expert (Stunt: XX) and she rolls a 5. That’s a success with style granting her 2 boosts when using this grid.

By this time, the other members of her coven, Isis and Roberta, arrive, Laura having called them for help on her way to the motel. She places them in specific spots around the circle with incense and tells them to chant a phrase in ancient Greek until the ritual is done. With this they aid in the ritual giving Laura a + 1 each to Laura’s Lore roll to cast the ritual.

Now, Laura must make a Lore check to overcome the difficulty 9 ritual casting. Her Lore is a 3. Plus the aiding of her 2 coven members (2) and the 2 boosts from her excellent grid (4), her overall bonus to the roll is a 9.

Rolling a 1 on the Fate dice, Laura has gained 10 shifts of success. Only 1 more than she needed but it is enough. She breaks the curse and saves the victim from a life as a werewolf.

Example of Ritual Casting

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