Department 6

We are not alone. But forget about Area 51 or the X-Files. The government’s not in the loop. Observing us, an alien can only conclude contact with any governing agency would inevitably lead to theft of their technology and fear fueled xenocide. Fortunately the aliens are a lot like us: petty, self-involved and above all, out to make a buck. So they approached various corporate entities, including Hadden Industries.

We don’t have direct dealings with (or exact knowledge of) all the species that visit our world. And of course, like ourselves, these creatures have their own agendas and are not to be trusted. We occasionally even have to remind them how much trouble it would be to invade us.

Headquarters: Ehlers Air Field, Pine Box, Texas.
Department Head: Lilly Marquette
Research and Development: Marvin
Archivist: Franklin Ash

Anaquida – /an AH kwih dah’/ a dark gray mineral with remarkable energy absorption properties, found in small amounts throughout the mountains of the southwestern US and a singularly large deposit in Golan County, Texas. Earth’s primary trade item with the Plutonians, their generous contracts require we not trade Anaquida to any other species.
Artemis Project, The US covert space program founded in 1958 to explore the moon (all Apollo landings were faked). The project’s focus shifted after the discovery of Reflex Point and was discontinued after the Artemis 15 mission in 1985 (see Mystery).
Delta Green US military alien counterintelligence believed to have been disband after a disastrous operation in Sarajevo in 1992 involving Skin Walkers but are rumored to still be active in a more covert – possibly unofficial – manner.
Elders, The An ancient spacefaring race whose home world is unknown. Philosophically, they see nothing besides they themselves as truly alive. All other species are merely astronomic chemical reactions. They are known to have used two species as fuel and food to extinction.
Gate Teleportation by linking 2 archways or portals usually made of esoteric materials engraved with circuit-like symbols. Department 6 found one Gate in the Rocky Mountains in the early 1900s that opens into the asteroid belt. Gate creation is still a mystery but we have learned how to open existing gates, though the process is psychologically stressful. The Elders, Plutonians, Saturnians, and Skin Walkers are known to have this technology.
Grays, The These classic “abductor” aliens are slavers. In the late 80s, Hadden Industries acquired the last survivor of the Roswell crash to use in a prisoner exchange with the Grays. They tried to cheat us so they got him back insane from invasive experimentation and “Don’t Come Back!” branded onto his genitals.
Hermes Name of a faster than light, interstellar capable warship Hadden Industries is contracted to build for the UN for planetary defense and exploration. Projections have the first test flights in 6 years.
Mondas Earth’s twin, orbiting on the opposite side of the sun. Centuries ago, a worldwide cataclysm removed the planet’s solar radiation defenses. Survivors encased their bodies in shielding. Now the physically degenerate descendants encase themselves in robotic exoskeletons as part of their life cycle. They have only in the last century regained sufficient lost technology to explore the solar system. Their first contact, the Mortaxians, resulted in a brutal war that neither culture is fully recovered from yet. The Mondasians are aware of Earth but are being much more cautious in approaching their second alien species.
Mortaxians – trilaterally symmetrical beings from the distant planet Mortax who have a long standing colony beneath the surface of Mars. In 1952 a failed military coup retreated to Earth but most died hours after landing due to compromised immune systems. This political upheaval brought a large “oversight” contingent of their ruling caste (see Morthrens) down upon them.
Morthren The ruling caste (species?) of the Mortaxians, from an empire so distance from Earth, even with faster than light, suspended animation is needed. They opened diplomatic relations with us when they arrived on Mars in 1989 – hoping to smooth over that whole invasion thing – but there is still no trade agreement. In all this time, no human has seen a Morthren but sources suggest they are very different from Mortaxians.
Plutonians Our most prodigious trade partners are not originally from Pluto but colonized it before the beginning of recorded human history. Their primary science, and only art, is the creation of bodies to transfer their minds into. The forms they use when dealing with Earthlings show a disturbing misinterpretation of human aesthetics.
Prometheus Under the guise of a UN project, Hadden Industries is building its own interstellar warship. Unlike the one we are selling to the UN, the Prometheus will be ready in a year or so.
Reflex Point A spatial anomaly orbiting Earth at about half the distance of the Moon. Nearly invisible to sensors and the naked eye, solid matter has passed into it, disappeared, and returned later (see Mystery).
Saturnians – a colony of beings, believed to be from the Aldebaran system, inhabiting the liquid surface of Saturn. Their use of (vastly alien) technology suggests intelligence but even the Plutonians advise, “best not to be noticed by them.” They have visited Earth in the distant past and are likely the inspiration for eastern legends of the djinn, or even demons.
Skin Walkers Alien appearing as a 2 liters of black slime. Highly photo and atmospherically sensitive, Skin Walkers inhabit human bodies, giving them full movement control and limited access to the host‘s memories. The process kills the host immediately but Skin Walkers can stave off rotting for several weeks. There are some references to these creatures in ancient texts suggesting they came here through a Gate in pre-Helenistic Greece that no longer exists. But it is only in recent decades that they have been acting malevolently on a large scale. They seem interested in speeding up the ecological damage our society is doing, possibly as a form of terra-forming.

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Department 6

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