Department 5

The Inquisition drove everything supernatural out of Europe, to a newly discovered land with no oppressive church: America. Mythic creatures, arcane orders and the arts they practice. But what’s a leprechaun to do when someone really does steal his crock of gold? Go to the cops?

We offer these beings a variety of security services, as well as job and residence placement so that the being new to an area can find a “friendly” neighborhood and work environment.

Remember though, acceptable behavior depending on whose territory you are in. And any involvement by human authorities calls for drastic actions to preserve the anonymity of our clientèle, possibly at the sacrifice of the individual client.

To that end, D5 employs only a handful of office crew and magicians. But they do maintain several highly trained special weapons teams.

Headquarters: UH Library Warehouse, Houston, Texas
Department Head: Isis Renquist
Research and Development: Laura Tillinghast
Archivist: Roberta Armitage

Breath of the Shadow A perceptual barrier produced unconsciously by all Shadowkind that keeps Mundanes from seeing them for what they really are, seeing them instead as fellow Mundanes. The Wakeful can learn to consciously manipulate the Shadow to similar effect, rendering outrageous appearance and/or actions unremarkable, but only for a short while. Over use of this can turn a Wakeful into a Shadow Mad.
Fae Generic term for Shadowkind that chose to live peacefully among Mundanes.
Hobgoblin Generic term for Shadowkind that are hostile toward humanity, either out of vengeance for unknown wrongs, innate maliciousness, or because they view mankind as food.
Initiative, The A well-funded hate group that hunt Shadowkind. Their violent, almost religious zealotry extends to any “species traitors” that knowingly associate with Shadowkind.
Mundane A person that is not aware of the existence of Shadowkind and is affected by the Breath of the Shadow.
Order of the Ecstatic Agony A wide-spread cult whose horrific practices include using Shadowkind organs in ritual magic. Their members cut across all socio-economic and political lines; street gangs to senators. They are identifiable by a mutilated area on their body from their initiation ceremony where they had to carve off 16 grams of their own flesh. Their high priest, the Aesensate, claims to be the avatar of a dark god.
Shadow, The A parallel spiritual realm adjacent to the real world from which all magical energies originate. Things in the Shadow are invisible and intangible, although a faint shade of them can be seen in mirrors of the real world. The Shadow can be siphoned into the real world to power various magics but prolonged use is detrimental to real world creatures.
Shadow Mad Any being who has been exposed too much to the Shadow. This usually manifests as the acquiring or accentuation of inhuman species traits and a mental deterioration into a Hobgoblin.
Shadowkind Any member of a number of races and species usually considered to be a creature of myth that naturally produces Breath of the Shadow.
Wakeful, the The less than a 10th of 1% of humans that are not affected by Breath of the Shadow. These humans are capable of learning Breath of the Shadow and other magic spells and ritual.

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Department 5

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