Department 4

Death is not the end. It is not even, as may be thought, an extreme condition. Delving into dark arts eventually kills the practitioner but rewards him with vast insight. People can rise from their own death by will alone but they rarely enjoy their new existence. Disembodied presences that will not move on seek the life that they have lost and sometimes grow to hate those that have it. As if this wasn’t all dangerous enough, not everything from the realm of the dead was necessarily once alive.

Mortal/paranormal entity relations and conflict settlement is this department’s specialty. And we don’t discriminate. We will exorcise a pesky home-invading family just as readily as a haunting entity, depending on who strikes the better deal.

D4 is unusual in 2 respects. One, it requires no “cover.” They are able to openly operate as professional paranormal investigators – one of many such teams in the accepting environment of New Orleans. Second, the department has the smallest crew of all the departments. The department officers all have very hands-on, solo approaches to their work. Coupled with the unsettling occurrences they are frequently exposed to, it is difficult to retain even the handful of assistants and interns on staff.

Headquarters: The Hotel San La Croix, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Department Head: Jude
Research and Development: Herbert West
Archivist: Neg-Ev

Corporeal 1) A reanimated dead body. 2) A physical manifestation of a Shadow Born or Outsider.
Floater Slang term for a Spirit.
Necromancer One who draws the Shadow into the real world to fuel magic spells or rituals.
Outsider A being, either Spirit or Corporeal, from beyond the Shadow. These mysterious entities have agendas that are, at best, difficult to comprehend and appear not always to grasp concepts like living and dead.
Phantasm Any effect a being in the Shadow can force into the real world; usually only cold spots, faint sounds and the like. The more powerful the being – and more control it has over the Shadow – the more elaborate the Phantasms it can manifest.
Shadow, The The border realm that separates our world from whatever lies beyond. Things in the Shadow are invisible to mundane detection, although they do cast shadows, especially on reflective surfaces. Things in one world cannot directly affect anything in another.
Shadow Born Entities created from the Shadow at points of strong emotion bleeding through from the real world.
Shadow Tainted Any creature that has been altered by prolonged exposure to the Shadow, usually emulating undead traits (low respiration/body temp., light sensitivity, hunger for blood/flesh, etc.). Common among Necromancers.
Spirit An incorporeal being, usually existing in the Shadow. These can be Shadow Born, Outsiders or the souls of the dead.
Step Sideways The act of entering or leaving the Shadow. This mentally strenuous endeavor can be learned by beings from either side but the Shadow is a hostile environment to the living and they cannot remain there for long without exceptional protections.
Walker Derogatory term for a Corporeal.

The Secret
There is No God

The Mystery
Sebastian Nicolovich

Department 4

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