Since the mid twentieth century, scientists have been trying to “improve” humans through a variety of methods. There have been some successes. Persons having been so altered are called Augments… in certain circles.

To be an Augment requires the sacrifice of at least 1 point of Refresh and one of your five aspects granting narrative permission for you to have it (ie, “Early Bionics Experiment” or “Spider Super Serum”).

The abilities of an Augment are called “mods,” short for modifications. Each Mod starts with 3 basic aspects: a Function, a Lesser Function and a Side Effect. The Function is the Mods purpose. The Lesser Function is secondary ability it exhibits. The Side Effect is what drawback having the Mod imposes.

You can think of the Function as the Mod’s high concept aspect, the Lesser Function as another aspect, and its Side Effect as its trouble aspect or a consequence that never goes away. These do not take up any of your five aspects.

You can have more Lesser Functions by also taking an equal number of extra Side Effects or by paying an equal number of points of Refresh.


Name: Early Bionics Experiment
Function: Better, stronger, faster.
Lesser Function: Telescopic eye.
Side Effect: Requires constant maintenance.

Name: Spider Super Serum
Function: Strength and reaction speed of a spider.
Lesser Function: Adhere to most surfaces.
Side Effect: Craves liquefied organs.


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