Alternate Species

There is almost no limit to the kind of species you can play: fantasy races, mythical beasts, sentient monsters, scientific hybrids, aliens! Your only constraints are you own imagination and what your fellows at the game table are willing to put up with. With this much choice, rather than have a comprehensive list of non-human species and their “statistics,” it is easier to allow the individual players to create their species.

To be anything other than a human requires the sacrifice of 1 Refresh point and narrative permission from one of your aspects, most likely your high concept (“Mortaxian invader demoted to lab tech” or “Saurian anthropologist masquerading as a human professor”).

After that, you vaguely define your species through list of “traits.” These are minor differences that separate you from plain vanilla human. These are NOT powers. They are not even full aspects although they may be invoked or compelled. They are facets of a single aspect entitled [your species] that are true for every member of that species. See below for examples. Jot down 3 or 4 of them but anything that everyone at the table agrees should be a trait of the race, is considered on the list.

The next point of definition for your species is its Genetic Advantage. This is an aspect, alongside all the others the character has, that describes an ability, specialized training or cultural factor that most members of the species will achieve.

Lastly is the Flaw. Like the Trouble aspect, this represents the facet of the species that creates the most difficulty while living in a predominately human world.


Mortaxian (alien with a colony on Mars)
Aspect Permission: Mortaxian invader demoted to lab tech.
Traits: trilateral (3 of everything instead of 2 like Earth creatures), needs less oxygen, covered in cooling slime.
Genetic Advantage: Brain the size of a planet.
Flaw: multi-generational clone degradation.

Saurian (terrestrial non-human descended from the dinosaurs)
Aspect Permission: Saurian anthropologist masquerading as a human professor.
Traits: Thick skin, good swimmers, very secretive.
Genetic Advantage: What do your really know until you’ve tasted it?
Flaw: Bulky for a human world.

Elf (mythic terrestrial creature)
Aspect Permission: Dark elf prince of Texas.
Traits: lighter than you look, agile, good hearing due to pointy ears, ridiculously long life.
Genetic Advantage: At home in the darkest forest.
Flaw: Why should I care about such “non-elf” matters?

Alternate Species

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