The Dark Shard


High Concept Aspect: Broken blade of dark mist and whispers.
Trouble Aspect: Allergic to iron.
Background Aspect: Obsidian blade of great glamour.
Outlook Aspect: I reside in his heart as his heart resides in me.
Affiliation Aspect: Mark of the Children of Dusk.


Originally the Dark Shard’s 3-foot long blade apparently made of knapped obsidian, the present blade is easily 3 inches shorter with a jagged end where the point broke off. The rest of the pommel, hilt and guard also appeared to be obsidian but have the feel of something more fluid. Though the overall shape of the sword remains consistent, it does “wisp” at the edges as if giving off black smoke or disintegrating.

Little is known about its origin or its former wielder, other than he was a shadowkind hobgoblin of some sort.

The Dark Shard

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