ufo.jpgSome time ago, you discovered “What’s really going on”™. You had an encounter with something that should have been impossible. But, it happened. You saw it. And IT saw you. You escaped your encounter, but now you know the world is weirder and more dangerous than you used to think. The kind of dangerous that cannot be handled by mundane authorities. So who do people (and other things) turn to when they need assistance, protection and justice? Hadden Industries!

The company was impressed by your escape and offered you a job. At first you interned in one of six departments, each specializing in a different aspect of “What’s really going on”™.

bigfoot.jpgBut now you have been promoted to Department 7. You will utilizes the knowledge and resources of all six departments to provide our normalcy-disenfranchised customers a variety of discrete security services. What does that mean? Lets just say, since he can’t go to the cops, we’re who a leprechaun calls if somebody really does steal his crock o’ gold.
While the other departments research and analyze, Department 7 implements. They knock on the doors. They lay down the law. And when necessary, they enforce it. All for the betterment of our clients, our company, and more than occasionally, our world.

Welcome, Agent, to Department 7.





High Concept – a brief phrase that sums up the core of your character; what you would immediately say if someone asked you, “What are you playing?” If you’re playing something other than human, it better be here.

Trouble – Not just something that complicates you life; THE thing that most often complicates your life and will be interesting for you to wrestle with. It can be something external like “Owes a fortune to Gregori mob” or “Wanted by the Vatican Police for seditious texts.” Or it can be internal like “Flies into rages when insulted” or “Never met a bottle he didn’t like.”

Background – Represents what you were before you were your High Concept. What circumstances did you grow up in or how did you become what you are today.

Outlook – Relates to your motivations, personal philosophy or events and/or people that shaped them. It could be direct like “Take back the power from those that are above the law”. But it could also be like “Fallen paladin of White Path”, suggesting a high moral philosophy that you have either failed to uphold or even turned away from.

Affiliation – Describes your association with a person, group or organization and its implied effect on your character. For instance, “My brother is all I have” suggests the rest of the family unit is gone. “Initiate of the Wu Shin Temple” implies organized training of a religious nature. Both can be invoked when you do something specifically to aid the brother/temple, but the former can be invoked while helping another whose “one and only” is at stake, and the latter when things you may have learned at the temple are called into play.

Extras are any abilities that are not readily available to the general populace, or even to the average PC. These abilities are extraordinary even to the extraordinary PCs. Below are the basic Extras available in the Department 7 game. You can have as many as you want as long as you are willing to pay the cost (listed in the descriptions).

Though there are rules systems in each of the description, they are negotiable. You should have the character and funky powers you want. Just remember, everything has a price.

Alternate Species
Psychic Powers